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Every Spanish student needs this audiobook. Teaches the 50 most important verbs in a 21/2 audio program w/ booklet.

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Spanish a la Cartoon...a great way to learn new expressions, as the humor helps you REMEMBER things easier!

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Start your baby's Spanish education with the Bilingual Baby Video

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The Learn in Your Car language series is one of the leading programs at Amazon.com...

Musical Learning Discussion Group

A newsgroup for people interested in learning or teaching languages through music.

Spanish Grammar Exercises, by Barbara Kuczun Nelson

A fantastic site to practice your Spanish grammar. Tons of great practice exercises with answer keys, as well as a few fun songs with the grammar elements explained.

Studyspanish.com: A FREE online tutorial

One of the best Spanish sites on the internet, and surely the one with the most comprehensive set of free Spanish lessons. Plenty of audio and pictures to make learning fun and easy. Included are a host of free resources for teachers (like virtual grading for Spanish homework!) and a CD learning set that you can buy.


Another one of the more comprehensive Spanish learning sites on the Internet. The webmasters are English teachers living in Granada, Spain, who have put together an exhaustive set of links and tools useful to anyone trying to learn Spanish..

The Human Languages (I Love Languages) Page

Another fantastic language site with over 1900 links covering just about any language you can think of. If you are researching languages, linguistics, or literature, you should bookmark this site.

Eva Easton's Spanish Page

A very large interesting mix of language resources, including things like proverbs, cultural info, publishers and bookstores, and many other links for the language student and teacher. Another site to bookmark.


An award winning site with Spanish resources, lesson plans, cultural information, Latin American and Spanish travel information, recipes and more!

Foreign Language Educator's Page

Many links including lesson plans, educational associations, student travel, grants and funding, and many more. Some things you might not find on other pages, and worth a look.

Online Verb Conjugator from Ele=Madrid=

Java program that will instantly conjugate up to 2000 verbs, from a language school in Madrid, Spain.

Talk Spanish from the BBC

An interesting online interactive grammar tutorial that also includes phrases important for travelers.


A unique site offering all kinds of pictures for use in the foreign language classroom, as well as news and a links page with a variety of teaching resources (focus is on ESL/EFL but many of the resources look interesting for other language students or teachers as well).

don't forget to visit our music samples!


Home to the innovative Think Spanish! Magazine and monthly audio CD. Highly recommended resource for students and teachers.

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