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Musical Spanish by Stacey Tipton
Kids Stuff Spanish (Bilingual Kids Series)
Albertina Anda Arriba : El Abecedario/Albertina Goes Up : An Alphabet Book
Children's Living Spanish by Living Language
I Can Read Spanish : My First English-Spanish Word Book
I Can Sing en Espanol! : Fun Songs for Learning Spanish
  Learn Spanish in the Kitchen : A Parent-Child Activity Kit
Mi Primer Libro De Palabras En Espanol
My 1st Spanish Word Book : A Bilingual Word Book
My First Spanish & English Dictionary
Spanish Thesaurus for Children
Spanish for Children : For Young Learners
Spanish for Children (Passport Books)
Spanish Teacher's Book of Instant Word Games : Activities, Puzzles, and Worksheets...

Musical Books & Tapes!

Linguafun Cards

see this fun card game at Amazon.com!

Cat in the Hat

read about Cat in the Hat Spanish Dictionary at Amazon!

Berlitz Kids Pack

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Bilingual Mini-Books

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Linguafun! : Language Learning Card Games Spanish

My daughter (age 10) and I have been playing Linguafun card games for a few days and really enjoying it. The cards guarantee success in speaking in sentences right away, rather than learning numbers and colors and just a few phrases at first, the way I learned in school. It's spurred us both on to learn more--I only wish there were more sets of cards from Linguafun.

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Cat in the Hat Beginner Book Dictionary in Spanish

Believe it or not, our 18 month old son loves this book. As a fluke, I thought that I would check it out of the library so that I could pick up a few Spanish words to teach myself and then him. However, it has become one of his favorite books; he loves the familiar pictures (from other Dr. Seuss/Eastman collaborations) and hearing the words of another language tickles his funny bone..a lot. This book will now be an essential part of our library.

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Berlitz Kids Spanish Language Pack

My three year old and I have been using the pack for the past few weeks and already she's singing parts of the songs, counting, and using simple terms and phrases. The pack has not only well balanced materials it is also fun. In my daughter's opinion putting in the story tape and looking at the flash cards is just another game to play. The parents' guide has given helpful information and ideas so that I can create a foundation for sharing a new language with my daughter. It is clear, fun, and eye cathing. She (and I) have been able to pick up words quite easily. Very enjoyable!

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25 Bilingual Mini-Books : English and Spanish

These books are really simple to make in the classroom and give the kids an opportunity to read with their parents at home. The only problem is, some of them are not very interesting. The ones that are great make it worth getting the book.

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Teach Me Tapes

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Folk Songs

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read more abou the Spanish Alphabet Coloring Book!

Coloring Books

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Teach Me Spanish

Over twenty songs in Spanish and English, intended for kids ages 6-12, and are recommended for kids with some prior Spanish knowledge.

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Spanish Alphabet Coloring Book (Dover Coloring Book)

I thought that this was a great book for teaching my little ones the alphabet in Spanish. The pictures are great and large enough for children. The choice of vocabulary words is good. I found it easy to use and the little ones had fun coloring the pictures and learning the words. Thanks, this is a great learning aide.

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Let's Learn Spanish Coloring Book :

Reading level: Ages 4-8 Paperback - 64 pages

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