prodolzhenie zdes' god zmei goroskop dlja vesov goroskop pavla globa na zavtra lev po numerologii chislo 121 sovmestimost' po goroskopu kozeroga i strel'tsa
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Spanish immersion with the fun Carmen San diego progam!

¿Dónde en el Mundo estará Carmen Sandiego?

Ages 8+. This is a Spanish version of "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" - a great way to work on geography and Spanish comprehension!
Item # spaslmundo
Help find Carmen Sandiego and while you do you will learn in Spanish: Capitals, Maps, History, Art, Music, Critical thinking, Deductive reasoning, Reading comprehension and much more!

Carmen Sandiego requires: PC; Windows 95 or 98; Pentium +; 16MB RAM; 22 MB free hard drive space; SVGA 256 color display; 4X CD-ROM drive; Sound card; Mouse.