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Costa Rica


read more at Amazon.com Lonely Planet - Central America on a Shoestring
A Lonely Planet Guide, offering the best advice for the budget traveler. Exhaustive information regarding low-cost accommodations, eateries, maps of popular destinations and travel tips. What we like best about this book are the country and city backgrounds provided for each area, including their relevant historical and political contexts.

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Let's Go Central America
A general guide to travel in Central America from the kings of budget travel at Harvard University, known for their European backpacking guides.


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Fodor's upClose Central America
Fodor's upCLOSE series is designed for travelers who want to travel well and spend less. With candid reviews and a fresh outlook, Fodor's upCLOSE points the way to authentic experiences that will take travelers away from the crowds and close to the culture — without having to spend a fortune.

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Frommer's Adventurous Guide to Central America
Adventure travel is the fastest-growing trend in the travel industry today, and these exciting new guides offer a new approach to each destination. Each guide contains lively, personal accounts of 25 real adventures, combined with practical advice from the experts so you can plan a trip of your own – no matter what your interest, skill level, or budget.


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Rough Guide to the Maya World
The Rough Guide to the Maya World features evocative descriptions of all the sites, from the extraordinary pyramid temples of Chichen Itza and Tikal to remote, unexcavated ruins in Tabasco and northern Belize. You'll find incisive coverage of the scientific and architectural achievements of the Maya, their religion, and their descendants, as well as details on the modern Maya world--including towns, jungles, and palm-fringed beaches, and the best places to stay, eat and drink throughout the region. Includes sites and routes through southern Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador. With 57 maps and 8 pages of color photos.

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Explore Costa Rica
American Library Association Booklist
"..this extensive, up-to-date guide for Costa Rica is a welcome sight. Selected accommodations and restaurants span the scale from luxury to low budget, while the author's respectful, ecologically aware perspective contributes a progressive view of the sights and scenes encompassed in mountains and lowlands, rain forests, and beaches."

read more at Amazon.com The Rough Guide - Costa Rica
Whether you're into challenging treks through dense jungle, horseback rides, birdwatching, botany, or beachcombing, the Rough Guide features evocative, practical advice. For background, the guide expertly discusses Costa Rica's history, from its hazy pre-Columbian past to the plantation era of the powerful United Fruit Company and the relatively prosperous and peaceful present the country enjoys today.

read more at Barnes and Noble Fodor's Costa Rica
Color planning sections help you decide where to go with region-by-region virtual tours and cross-referencing to the main text. Full-size, foldout map keeps you on course. Insider info that's totally up to date. Every year our local experts give you the inside track, showing you all the things to see and do — from must-see sights to off-the-beaten-path adventures, from shopping to outdoor fun.

read more at Amazon.com Lonely Planet - Costa Rica
Whether you come to Costa Rica in search of great beaches (you can choose either the Caribbean or Pacific coasts), to climb an active volcano, or explore the coral reefs, Lonely Planet Costa Rica is the perfect companion. In addition to in-depth sections on history, politics, economy, the environment, and the arts, Lonely Planet also covers a host of activities, outfitters, and special tours. The guide lists a variety of accommodations from budget lodgings to luxury hotels and includes 54 maps of cities, towns, regions and parks as well as a 36-page wildlife guide.

read more at Amazon.com Lonely Planet - Guatemala, Belize & Yucatan
A Lonely Planet guide to the famous Mayan Route, encompassing the Yucatán Peninsula of México, parts of Belize, and all of Guatemala. Excellent historial context and maps of the archeological sites.

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Michelin Guide to Guatemala-Belize
From the large selection of detailed addresses, you can choose to lodge in an ancient colonial convent or a house on stilts overlooking the ocean, find where to savor the best tapado, enjoy a marimba or punta concert, hunt out traditional weavings or go diving in the atolls.

read more at Amazon.com Guatemala: Adventures in Nature
Guatemala is one of the most ecologically diverse countries in the world. This guide contains an extensive listings of lodgings, restaurants, and services offers all the information needed by experienced travelers and newcomers alike. 65 photos, 15 in color. 12 maps.

read more at Amazon.com The Rough Guide - Guatemala
Our favorite all-around travel guide. This book provides extensive background information, travel advice, lists of accommodations and must-know information for various ruins and archeological sites. Includes details and tour itineraries for both budget and upscale travelers.

read more at Amazon.com Honduras & Bay Islands Guide : Be a Traveler-Not a Tourist!
Little-known, even less explored, Honduras is a destination for in-the-know travellers seeking, deserted beaches, spectacular diving, rain-forest adventure, colonial cities, and remote tribes living independently of the modern world. Paul Glassman and J. P. Panet put you in the know as well, with all the practical details and insider tips that will make for an unforgettable trip, along with historical and cultural background to be treasured for reminisces and reference.

read more at Amazon.com Lonely Planet Panama
from a reader...
"This is the book that every traveller (except for a few who are always asking to borrow it) takes with them to Panama. It was very accurate and very helpful. The only problems we encountered were unlabelled streets (suggestion: try putting landmarks on maps where no street signs are posted) and the trip from David to Bocas del Toro (which was more of a happy surprise than a problem, as in reality it's cheaper and easier than in Lonely Planet)."

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