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buy the Musical Spanish book and CD-rom or audio program

Spanish for Kids!

Interactive Games, Lessons, and Animations for Kids

La Bamba Spanish Lesson

Tango Word Puzzle

Cucaracha Animation

Las Mañanitas Animation

Guantanamera Animation

La Bamba Word Puzzle

La Bamba Interactive Quiz

10 songs are a catchy pop style
CD-rom includes animations and karaoke
basics of Spanish grammar explained in easy terms
lessons based on song lyrics
fantastic tools for pronunciation
interactive games and quizzes
worksheet/activity for each song
teacher's guide to using songs in the classroom
travel phrases section

"Language teachers have gone nuts for this delightful, educational tool."
Alan Caruba, Bookviews, Oct '01

The Complete Musical Spanish $39.99
(web price)

(illustrated book, 2 CD-roms, 2 audio CDs)

Also available: book/CD alone $24.99, audio book format $19.99

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Song Samples

La Bamba
hi fi
low fi
download la bamba mp3

A Media Luz (tango)
hi fi
low fi

Ay Cosita Linda
hi fi
low fi

La Adelita
hi fi

low fi

download la adelita mp3

Cielito Lindo
hi fi
low fi
download cielito lindo mp3

La Cucaracha
hi fi
low fi
download la cucaracha mp3

hi fi
low fi

download guantanamera mp3

Las Mañanitas
hi fi
low fi
download las mañanitas mp3

Allá en el Rancho Grande
hi fi
low fi

download rancho grande mp3

hi fi
low fi

One of the most innovative language programs available...offers a series of 10 songs in an interactive format that enables kids to truly learn Spanish from the music. Children love the animations and colorful grammar lessons! The songs are a catchy modern pop style of traditional songs such as La Bamba and Guantanamera, and the lyrics have been altered to enhance the teaching value of the song. The interactive CD-rom offers the ability to practice pronunciation of each song by clicking on an individual phrase to hear it separated from the music. Also includes an animated presentation of each song, a karaoke version, simple grammar explanations, games and quizzes, and much more. The most entertaining way to learn Spanish ever! Help your kids develop a life long enthusiasm for learning a foreign language with Musical Spanish. Listen to a review... (the Discovery Channel)

"The Bottom Line... (Chosen for Award of Excellence)
The concept behind this package is original and fresh — clearly voiced Spanish songs are the take-off point for learning the Spanish language. Musical Spanish would make an effective supplement to any child's Spanish-learning program, and is particularly useful for less-motivated kids who would benefit from a novel approach to learning a second language." Read full review

  School Library Journal, Sept 2001

"Children can enjoy language learning with this book and enhanced CD. Basic vocabulary and pronunciation are delivered in a fun musical format. Vocabulary skills, idioms, and pronunciation are the central focus; rules on grammar are lightly stressed. The text presents the information in a clear, readable, and easy to follow style with some illustrations to help reinforce the lessons. Exercises are direct and fun. The upbeat rhythms and simple lyrics in the ten pop songs strengthen grammar concepts. Among the songs are "La Bamba," "La Cucaracha," "Guantanamera," and "La Adelita." The enhanced CD for PCs contains grammar assistance as well as vocabulary building games, interactive quizzes, and karaoke fun. The audio CD lends itself to group listening, but the text and CD-rom are best for individual learning."

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