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Ay Cosita Linda Listening Test!

listen to our version of the traditional song Ay Cosita Linda
streaming real audio - fast net connections
streaming real audio - slow net connections

Listen and complete the sentence using the missing word from the song, then click on the ? to see the correct answer.

1. click to listen
Soñaba que me

2. click to listen
Cosita linda amor

3. click to listen
Anoche conmigo

4. click to listen
Soñabas, soñabas que quería

5. click to listen
Anoche soñe

6. click to listen
Y que en tus brazos

7. click to listen
una cosa bonita

8. click to listen
Soñabas, soñabas que te

9. click to listen
Y que en brazos decías

10. click to listen
Anoche contigo


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