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Software for learning spanish

Spanish for Dummies $29.99

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Fun and easy Spanish program for kids

Ages 12 - Adult. That book series has made a hilarious and informative software program.

  • Build vocabulary with thousands of useful words
  • Jump into live-action video conversations
  • Get instant pronunciation feedback
  • Have fun with interactive games

Dummies makes learning a new language fun and easy! It is just the tool you need to learn basic conversational skills and build your vocabulary. Self-paced lessons, activities, and quizzes make learning quick and easy for beginners and experienced speakers alike. Interactive technology gives you instant pronunciation feedback.

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    Individual User Price: $29.99

    Spanish for Dummies requires: PC; Windows® 95, 98, 2000, Me, or NT; 166+ MHZ; 64 MB RAM; 80 MB free hard drive space; 16 bit video card and monitor; 16 bit sound card; 12X CD-ROM drive; Microphone; Speakers or headphones.


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