numerologija chto ty za zver' goroskop sovmestimosti numerologija sovmestimost' 7 i 5 chislo 315 v numerologii sovmestimost' po goroskopu kozeroga i strel'tsa
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Las Pequeños Exploradores - Aventuras de 3er Grado

Ages 7 - 9. Spanish version of the "Cluefinders - 3rd Grade." Build your confidence and ability to solve problems.
Item # spasdpequeno
The Cluefinders are in a tropical jungle. The animals of the jungle are disappearing and now so has the famous scientist, Dr. Pitagoras. The rumor is that an old monster has returned. What is really happening? Help them solve the mystery by using language, math, science, history and much more in this all Spanish program!

Las Pequeñas Exploradores requires: PC; Windows 95 or 98; 486DX/66+ or Pentium Mhz; 12 MB free hard drive space; 16MB RAM; 4X CD-ROM drive; Sound card; SVGA 256 color display; Mouse.