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atlas for children to learn all about foreign countries!

El Gran Atlas del Pequeño Aventurero

Ages 6 to 14. Spanish version of "My First Atlas"
Item # spasdlgran
Enjoy the Spanish version (published in Spain) of the American program My First Atlas by Dorling Kindersley. Here is an atlas designed just for children, ages 4 and older. Whether it is your first approach to geography and animated maps, or just a deisre to deepen your knowledge - learn all about countries and their inhabitants, cities, famous monuments, and plants and animals from all over the world. This program even includes a great game - make 19 trips around the world, collect stamps in your passport and receive your diploma as a world explorer. Explore the depths of the ocean in a submarine, fly into space in a rocket ship and take other unforgettable trips! $45.00.

El Gran Atlas requires for PC: Win 3.1, 95 or 98; 486DX/33+; 8MB RAM; 2X CD-ROM drive; SVGA 256 color display; Mouse. Macintosh requires: 68030/25+; SVGA 256 color display; 8MB RAM; 2X CD-ROM drive; System 7.0+.