istochnik posetit' stranitsu po numerologii chislo 121 goroskop sovmestimosti po znakam zadiaka vostochnyj goroskop po stihijam sovmestimost'
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learn Spanish with Hola Chicos!

Hola Chicos!

Ages 7 - 12. Great new program with 10 fun activities for beginning Spanish students.
Item # spashola
Ages 7 - 12. This fun-filled program for learning Spanish has 10 activities - memory games, games of logic and deduction, quizzes to test you on numbers, people, household objects, food. There are karaoke songs, bingo games and much more. It has a quiz at the end and a user's guide with advice and exercises for teachers and parents - the program is published in France, but we have translated the guide into English for you! English translations are available for instructions for the games as part of the CD-ROM as well. $45.00.

Hola Chicos Hybrid CD-ROM requires: 8MB RAM; 2X CD-ROM drive; Mouse. For PC: 486DX2/66+; Win 3.1, 95 or 98; SVGA 256 color display; 16 bit sound card. For Mac: 68040+; System 7.