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Kidspeak Spanish

Kidspeak Spanish for Kids!

Ages 5 - 12. This creative new program is a great introduction to Castillian Spanish for children.

  • Correct pronunciation
  • Alphabet & word recognition
  • Understanding simple sentences
  • Using plural & singular forms
  • Telling time
  • Matching numbers to written words
  • Simple addition and subtraction

Ages 3 - 7. Delightful program introduces pre- and beginning readers to 1000 common words in English and in Spanish. In 35 colorful scenes, young learners discover 6 interactive games that offer meaningful ways to see, say and play with words and pictures. Based on the best-selling Usborne book.

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Individual User Price: $29.99

KidSpeak Hybrid CD-ROM requires for PC: Windows 95 or 98; 486+; 2X CD-ROM drive; 8MB RAM; 1MB SVGA card; Sound card; Speakers. Macintosh requires: 68040+; 8MB RAM; 2X CD-ROM drive; Speakers.

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