goroskop na deva segodnja ot pavla globa nazhmite chtoby prochitat' bol'she god numerologija chislo goda 3 goroskop pavla globy na 2017 god po znakam
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Language Discovery

Ages 8 - 18. Learn over 1000 words in Spanish, French, German or English.
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Ages 8 - 18. Learn 1000 words grouped in over 30 topics. Each word in a theme is shown with a picture and written out and pronounced by a native speaker. There is an on-line dictionary and two games. In French, Spanish, German and English - all on 1 CD-ROM. $40.00.

5 CD-ROM lab pack - $175.00.

Language Discovery requires for PC: CD-ROM drive and audio card; 386SX+; 2MB RAM; SVGA 256 color display; Mouse; Win 3.0+, 95 or 98. Macintosh requires CD-ROM drive; sytem 7.0+; 4MB RAM; 256 color display; 512k VRAM+.