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some interesting materials...


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Viva la Música...another great Spanish musical teaching album!


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Get a copy of the exciting Musical Spanish book, music CD, and CD-rom!


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De Colores and Other Latin-American Folk Songs for Children, by Jose Luis Orozco


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Using Music to Manage your Mind, Body, and Mood....interesting!


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Bilingual Songs for Kids from award winning publisher Penton Overseas

Musical Learning Discussion Group

A newsgroup for people interested in learning or teaching languages through music.

Ojalá que llueva café, from Spanish Grammar Excercises

What a great site! Listen to this song by Juan Luis Guerra, where you can see pictures of vocabulary by clicking on the lyrics. Grammar exercises included in this wonderful free resource.

Viva La Música

A CD and booklet teaching Spanish through 28 melodic songs, sung by author Elise Carr Sumner. She infuses these songs with emotion, humor, and soul. Recommended for any student or teacher looking for effective ways to make learning easier!

(Musicians United for Songs in the Classroom)

Organization promoting the educational use of songs. The site has several good articles about using music in the classroom, including a good testimonial called "Time for a Song."

Music Ideas and Projects

Articles and links to people who have used music to teach a variety of subjects such as ESL, literature, foreign languages, etc.

General Ideas for Using Songs

Some recommendations for using songs in the classroom, from a site about German music.

Chuck's Little Corner of the Web

An article about teaching ESL through music, with a song list and lesson plan ideas.

Musical English Learning

A UK site promoting products that use lyrics from the Beatles to teach English. Doesn't offer much by way of free materials, but the products could be useful for ESL students.

Music and Song in Discussion

An article from the Internet Journal for Teachers of English as a Second Language journal, outlining some of the benefits of using music in the FL classroom.

Academic Research about Music and the Brain

An interesting resource taking an in depth look at the scientific basis for the effect of music on learning, hormones, cognition, and the brain.

MUSICA Research Notes

Broader database of articles from the same resource as above.

CMA Languages through Music Page

The official site for the well known and respected teaching method based on music. The site includes testimonials why music works so well in teaching and learning.

Grupo Cañaveral, Live Music and Teaching

This music group offers workshops for schools, albums and lesson plans, and children's learning tools like puppets. Their music is tropical and upbeat, and helps teach culture as well as language.

The Musical Therapy Association

This site offers a glimpse at a profession dedicated to harnessing the power of music. Shows the powerful impact music can have on emotional, psychological, and cognitive states.

Java Piano from Piano World

A fun thing to play around with, the little virtual piano does sound pretty real! The site also offers many other music links and resources, from sheet music to the history of the piano.

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Salsa: a multi-cultural, bilingual children's informational picture book that explains the origin and current traditions in Salsa music


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Fonetica Funky: Songs in Spanish that teach the alphabet, vowels, consonants, time, days of the week, seasons, the environment and more


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Teach Me Spanish: Over twenty songs in Spanish and English, intended for kids ages 6-12, and are recommended for kids with some prior Spanish knowledge


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Las nanas de abuelita, Grandmother's Nursery Rhymes...A bilingual collection of traditional favorite nursery rhymes and lullabies

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