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Lesson of the Week: Expressing Want = the verb QUERER

From the Carnavalito Grammar Chapter

QUERER + infinitive

Querer is the verb for “want,” and can also mean “love ” or “desire.” You can use it with many verbs to create a phrase:

quiero hablar = I want to speak quiero dormir
quiero comer = I want to eat
quiero dormir = I want to sleep

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yo quiero I want
quieres you want
él, ella, Ud quiere wants
nosotros queremos we want
ellos, Uds. quieren they want

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Worksheet/Activity: Querer Present Tense

Quiz: Querer Present Tense

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Travel Phrases of the Week: using the words TENGO, QUIERO, PUEDO

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Travel Spot of the Week

visit Sosua and practice your Spanish!

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

Did you know that the driest desert in the world is located in Northern Chile? Land of spectacular colors that resemble the landscape of Mars in places...San Pedro is also home to famous archaelogical finds such as the Miss Chile mummy. While it's a bit off the beaten path, the desert region of Chile is a trip you'll never forget. For additional pictures click here, for more history click here.


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