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Welcome to Vol. 84 of the Spanish Online Newsletter! Part of the Spanish Learning Blog - your weekly lessons with mp3 files, as well as links to Spanish travel spots and more. This week we have an audio reading with comprehension exercises - as well as a new feature I may try to do more of, and that is an animated presentation of the reading. You can let me know if you think seeing the words in this animated format seems helpful. There is also a version for video ipods.  I have a poll up on the home page of InstaSpanish.com about video ipods - are you using one? Have you found good Spanish teaching/learning materials for it?  I'd like to know - as the video ipod seems to have a lot of potential for learning.   I've done this week's podcast in audio & video format  - which non ipod users can also see in flash via the link below.  You'll also hear a new voice - a Latin American Spanish computerized voice. Pretty amazing stuff - do speak up and let me know what you think of this voice, and whether you'd like to hear her again in the podcasts. Click below to see the video podcast.

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Also new this week are Travel Blogs for members - I'd love to see your pictures and hear about your trips to Spanish speaking countries, as I'm sure many of my readers would - so please think about putting one up. To get one you just have to post a quick request on the Travel Blog requests thread on the forum, or send me a message either via the forum or as a reply to your newsletter. You do have to register for the forum/website first so I can enable the travel blog for you.


Spanish Reading and Listening Comprehension Exercise #6

From the The Project Gutenberg EBook of Zalacaín El

Aventurero, by Pío Baroja published in 1913 in Madrid, Spain.

CAPÍTULO PRIMERO (continuación)


Nadie se ocupaba de él, no compartía con los demás chicos la escuela y huroneaba por todas partes. Su abandono le obligaba a formarse sus ideas espontáneamente y a templar la osadía con la prudencia.

Mientras los niños de su edad aprendían a leer, él daba la vuelta a la muralla, sin que le asustasen las piedras derrumbadas, ni las zarzas que cerraban el paso.

Sabía dónde había palomas torcaces é intentaba coger sus nidos, robaba fruta y cogía moras y fresas silvestres.

Vocabulary Words

I must admit I had to look up some of these words! Let's look at some of the less common ones:
los demás  = the others
osadía =  audacity, boldness
huroneaba = spied or snooped around
daba la vuelta = went around
(sin que) le asustasen = without frightening them
derrumbadas = collapsed, fallen over
zarzas = thorny bushes
palomas torcaces = wood pigeons
moras = blackberries
silvestres = wild

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Spanish Travel Spot of the Week:


Antofagasta, Chile

The breathtaking rock formations by the sea in this town 700 miles N. of Santiago make Antofagasta worth the visit. The city is also a good starting point for exploring the Atacama desert, the driest desert in the world and a fascinating place to visit. The Barrio Històrico is home to many historic Victorian buildings, and the clock tower of the Plaza Colòn is an exact replica of Big Ben.

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