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From lofty mountains to the deep, steamy valleys of the Amazon Basin, this new edition has everything travelers need to know to get around Bolivia. Completely updated with 70 detailed maps, the book contains language guides, essential tips on transportation, accommodation, and food, and health and safety advice. The book also contains thorough background on history, culture and politics.

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All guides in the "Handbook" series are annually updated and contain a wealth of useful information. It is packed with ideas on how to plan a visit, when to go, where to stay and how to get about.

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In its new travel-proof paperback format this travel guide is portable and lightweight, easy to slip into the travel bag and bound to last the trip. All guides in the "Handbook" series are annually updated and contain a wealth of useful information.

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Footprint Rio de Janeiro Handbook
What to see and do in Rio state from chilling out in Paraty or fashionable Búzios to exploring fascinating cities such as Petrópolis and national parks.

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Full of good advice on exploring the Amazon, partying in Rio and visiting towns and villages across the nation. The Rough Guide offers detailed recommendations for lodging and restaurants for both budget and luxury travelers. Includes essays on Carnaval, music & dance culture and history. 12 pages of color photos. 57 maps

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Offering complete and reliable information for independent travelers on accommodation options for every budget, suggested itineraries, comprehensive health advice and safety tips, plus asides on history, legends, food, fashion, pop culture, sports, and more, this guide is the perfect companion for any traveler's trip to Brazil. 120 detailed maps. In color.


The Rough Guide, Chile
A quote from a guide user...

"After studying in Chile and comparing different South American guide books, I found the Rough Guide to Chile to be the easiest to read and the most accurate. I normally buy the Lonely Planet on a Shoestring series, but was surprised and disappointed at how out-of-date many of the entries were. The Rough Guide gives you practical information and options, which I like."

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This guide contains 90 detailed maps of Chile, Patagonia and Easter Island, including a two-page highlight color map, a Spanish language guide and tips on transportation, accommodations, and food for all budgets, as well as coverage of the Faulklands/Islas Malvinas.


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