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read more at Footprint Colombia Handbook
All guides in the "Handbook" series are annually updated and contain a wealth of useful information. The new edition of Footprint's Colombia Handbook is one of the few guides to this little visited country.


Ulysses Guide to Colombia
In this guide you will find detailed descriptions of all the attractions (star-rated so you can quickly spot the absolute musts), a comprehensive portrait of Colombia for a richer understanding of this country's tumultuous past and fascinating present, a vast selection of hotels and restaurants for all budgets, and more than 45 maps to help you plan you itinerary.

read more at Lonely Planet - Ecuador
As with all Lonely Planet guides, this edition provides useful background essays, including wildlife, geography, people and places, comprehensive information on the country's many national parks and private reserves and a 32-page color guide to Galapagos wildlife. 50 regional & city maps.

read more at Footprint Ecuador & Galapagos Handbook
All guides in the "Handbook" series are annually updated and contain a wealth of useful information about hotels, restaurants, traveling across borders, and tourist services in each country and city. The pre-Columbian cultures in Machalila National Park, jungle lodges, and the wildlife of Ecuador and the Galapagos are explored in this travel handbook. 75 maps.

read more at Footprint Peru Handbook
All guides in the "Handbook" series are annually updated and contain a wealth of useful information. This travel guide features archaeological sites such as Machu Picchu and Cotahuasi Canyon, along with centers such as Ayacucho and Cuzco. 65 maps.

read more at Lonely Planet - Peru
Contains accurate and updated information on lodging, restaurants and getting around in Perú. The author demonstrates thorough knowledge of the people, culture and history of Perú, making this guide a very useful travel companion.

read more about at The Rough Guide - Peru
From trekking the Andes to exploring Machu Picchu and visiting Lima safely, the Rough Guide is packed with tried and true recommendations on hotels, tour operators, restaurants, nightclubs and more. The Rough Guide also features unmatched cultural commentary - including recipes and the lowdown on musical traditions (Andean folk, chica and other styles), Indian issues and President Fujimori's controversial rule. 56 maps.

read more at Footprint Venezuela Handbook

From Angel Falls to the Caribbean, Venezuela's many and varied attractions are covered in depth for the independently-minded traveller. The Footprint guides are second to none in detail, accuracy, and overall quanitity of valuable information.

read more at Barnes and Noble Venezuela Alive

Written by an author who has visited the country over 40 times, Venezuela Alive offers a wealth of practical information for the discerning traveler. The focus is on shopping, hotels, dining and sightseeing, with a good measure of entertaining sidetrips to round out the picture.


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