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Musical Spanish by Stacey Tipton ($29.99)
The Oxford Spanish Dictionary (Spnsh-Eng-Spnsh) by C. S. Carvajal et al (Eds.) ($20.96)
21st Century Spanish-English English-Spanish Dictionary by Philip Lief ($5.39)
501 Spanish Verbs: Fully Christopher Kendris ($11.16)
Learn Spanish the Fast and Fun Way by G. M. Hammitt, et al ($13.56)
1001 Most Useful Spanish Words by Seymour Resnick ($1.35)
25 Bilingual Mini-Books : English and Spanish by H. H. Moore, et al ($8.95)
Spanish for Dummies by Susana Wald, ($17.49)

Learn Spanish In Your Car: Audio Programs!

All Spanish Verbs A -Z

Buy Advanced Spanish Grammar: A Self-Teaching Guide at


Spanish for the Utterly Confused

Buy Spanish for Reading: A Self-Instructional Course at


Upgrade your Spanish

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1001 Pitfalls in Spanish

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Super well organized, nicely designed and easy to use, All Spanish Verbs A to Z is similar to 501 Spanish Verbs but packing a little more of a punch grammar wise plus a LOT more verbs. And it's a smaller and lighter book!

It contains grammatical explanations of all of the verbs tenses, along with full verb conjugations of 90 verbs. It provides definitions and a conjugation reference for over 4500 verbs, all or nearly all of the verbs in the Spanish language. Overall this book is a fantastic little reference for teachers and students alike, and something everyone should have.

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When it comes to understanding one of your most intimidating courses--Spanish--even good students can be confused. Intended primarily for the beginning Spanish student (though the more serious Spanish student will also benefit), Beginning Spanish for the Utterly Confused is your ticket to success.

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Very cool and well organized little book - brings the learner through each chapter step by step with activites and self tests. This guide offers a 30 day self stufy program which focuses on three key strategies for improving Spanish exam results: eliminating basic errors and slips of the pen; increasing and consolidating vocabulary; and moving on from school-book Spanish.

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Designed to help students get past such trouble spots as irregular verbs, homonyms and homophones, confusions caused by words and phrases that resemble one another, and specialized vocabularies and technical terms. Not intended for beginners.

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Idiot's Guide to Learning Spanish on your own



Street Spanish 1

Buy Street Spanish 1: The Best of Spanish Slang from


Wicked Spanish

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Breaking out of Beginner's Spanish



This best-selling guide, which has sold over 110,000 copies, is now revised so that readers can learn Spanish even quicker. Readers can feel confident about speaking the language and communicating with native speakers, whether theyre planning a vacation or preparing for a business trip. Features idiot-proof techniques for mastering grammar and usage, making sense of unfamiliar words and phrases, and pronouncing the toughest words properly.

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10 easy lessons teaching the fundamentals of Spanish slang. Provides students with the conversational tidbits that will help in everything from talking to people, conducting business, reading books, watching movies, and more. Gives you all the slang you need to enjoy speaking everyday Spanish.

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A funny little book to help you survive in Spanish speaking countries and situations. Part of the best selling series with pocket guides to Italian and French. Offers very helpful information about culture as well as language.

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Breaking Out of Beginners Spanish...take your fluency to another level. Has fantastic explanations about words and verbs you can use for years INCORRECTLY unless you read a book like this. The author has done a great job with this book.

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