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kids have fun learning spelling with Spell It Deluxe!

Spell it Deluxe

Ages 8 - Adult. English spelling program, but it allows you to add an unlimited number of vocabulary lists in Spanish.
Item # spasmdelx
Ages 8 - Adult. This English spelling program allows addition of an unlimited number of vocabulary lists in Spanish. Enjoy five amusing activities with Bayou Billy - the best spelling frog in the swamp. This program is customizable - you can add any words you wish to make printable word lists, word search puzzles and crossword puzzles. $40.00.

Spell It Deluxe Hybrid CD-ROM requires 4MB RAM; 256 color display; CD-ROM drive; Mouse. PC: Win 3.1, 95 or 98; 16 color VGA graphics, 386x25+; Sound card recomm. Macintosh: Macintosh LC+; 13" color monitor; System 7.0+.