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1- This is just a music CD! - where is my grammar instruction?

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No, it is an "enhanced" CD - or one that will play both in your stereo like a regular CD, and as an interactive CD-rom in your PC or Mac. In most PCs the Adobe Acrobat file that runs the program should autostart; in Macs you have to click on the "Musical Spanish 2.1" disk on your desktop.

If you don't have the Adobe Acrobat program already, you will find the installation files on your Musical Spanish CD-rom.

2- Install button on the intro page cannot find "flash.exe"

Look for the file in your Musical Spanish CD-rom titled "Flashpla.exe" on a PC or "SAFlashplayer "on a Mac and click on it. This will install the small file necessary to run Flash movies on your system. The install is very simple and sometimes it's easy to miss - when you click on the "Flashpla.exe" you'll just see a white screen with "Flash Player" at the top. You can go ahead and "X" out of that, as this means it's installed.

For Macs, once you click on "SAFlashplayer" you'll see the Flash Player at the top of your menu bar. You don't need to do anything else.

3- I cannot hear the sound files

First make sure your speakers are turned on! These are flash files, so make sure you followed #2.

4- My Computer says this CD is empty, is a Music CD only, or Acrobat says there is no file present.

Take out the CD, then reboot your computer and try putting the CD back in. If that doesn't fix the problem, try cleaning the CD as described below. If your computer still continues not to read the CD-rom portion of your CD properly please contact us.

5- My CD is skipping

Sometimes CD's need to be cleaned, as small particles of dust or dirt can cause skipping. Try gently rubbing your CD with a kleenex or the kind of cloth you might use to clean your sunglasses or reading glasses (rubbing in a circular motion). If your CD continues to skip please contact us.

If you are still having trouble, please contact us at support or call toll free 1 866 297-2128 between the hours of 12 and 7pm West Coast Time (you'll find that email or web support is much faster!)