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Spanish Colors - Los Colores

Colors are easy to remember and very useful. When describing the color of things in Spanish, you reverse the word order we are used to in English. Whereas we say "the blue dog" - in Spanish, they switch that around and say "the dog blue" - or el perro azul (if you think a blue dog sounds funny, then you haven't been to New Orleans!) Remember also that the word for the color changes with the noun and can become plural or change gender - just like other adjectives. For example: for "the white houses" - you WOULDN'T say las blanco casas - instead you would say las casas blancas - the white houses. Notice that azul, verde, marrón, and gris don't change gender, and violeta doesn't change at all.

nombre del color
gender specific & plural

blancos, blancas

negro   negra, negros, negras
rojo   roja, rojos, rojas
azul   azules
amarillo   amarilla, amarillos, amarillas
rosado   rosada, rosados, rosadas
verde   verdes
gris   grises
anaranjado   anaranada, anaranjados, anaranjadas
azul marino   azules marinos
violeta   violeta
azul claro   azul clara, azules claros, azules claras
marrón, café   marrones, cafés

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