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Idiomatic phrases using the verb "dar" = to give

One of my strongest impressions involving an idiom using the verb dar is about "dar la vuelta." This can be used to mean taking a short spin, but usually involves cruising around for fun - which if you ask me would be more adequately described by "dando las VUELTAS!" One of my friends or host sisters would casually say "vamos a dar la vuelta?" - and more often than not, we would then spend several hours driving around, and around, and around the city. In the beginning I would ask them where the heck we were going - "vamos a comer? vamos a la casa de alguien? vamos a una tienda?" - but to my frustration we never seemed to arrive anywhere! But as I soon learned, in small towns in Mexico, that's the exact point of "dando la vuelta." Driving around, in order to see who else is doing the same. After a while it actually began to seem like fun... :)

dado por ...
presumed to be ....
dado que given that, since
dar asco
los frijoles me dan asco
to sicken, revolt
I can't stand beans
dar buena, mala suerte to bring good / bad luck
dar clases to give/teach classes
dar cosa
me da cosa ir a la fiesta
to feel uncomfortable or strange about something
I feel strange about going to the party
dar consejo a alguien to give someone advice
dar de comer a
to feed
dar en el blanco
to hit the target or get a bullseye
dar hambre
ese taco me da hambre
to give hunger to
that taco makes me hungry
dar la bienvenida to welcome
dar la gana
no me da la gana
to want to or feel like doing
I don't feel like it
dar la lata
el niño está dando la lata
to be a nuisance or bother
the boy is being a nuisance
dar la luz to give birth or have a baby
dar la vuelta
to go for a drive or spin

dar las gracias a alguien
me dió las gracias

to thank someone
he thanked me

dar lo mismo, o dar igual
me da igual
to not matter or be the same
same difference
dar patadas a algo / alguien to kick something, someone
dar pena o lástima
to make sad or feel sorow
dar saltos de alegría to jump for joy
dar señas, señales de to show signs of
dar un paseo
dimos un paseo anoche
to go for a walk
we went for a walk last night
darle la razón a alguien to admit that someone is right
darse cuenta de algo
no me di cuenta
to realize something
I didn't realize or notice
en un momento dado at a given moment or time

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