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Spanish Diminutives

Diminutives - Making it Smaller

If you listen to Spanish enough, you’ll notice that little endings are often
added to words. These little endings are used to indicate that something is “little”, or somehow “LESS” of whatever the word is. These endings end in O or A depending on the original word’s ending. You'll also listen to "ecito" or "ecita" (A general rule is that words ending in a consonant or "e" become "ECITO" or "ECITA"


= payasito
little clown

ellos pueden bailar


= besito
little kiss

small (feminine)

= chiquita
very small (feminine)


= niñita
little girl

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Practice saying the below words out load - remember correct pronunciation! (if you've forgotten the rules of natural stress, look here)

trabajito Juancito plumita mamecita
loquito lugarcito casita almohadecita
librito avecito tortillita carnecita

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