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Hay - there is/there are

From the A Media Luz Grammar Chapter

In Spanish the expression “hay ” is used all the time. It’s a great phrase to use when asking or answering a question. Remember it is pronounced exactly like the letter “I" in English. Look at the following examples:

¿Hay hamburguesas?
¿Hay café?
¿Hay un hotel allí?
¿Hay muchos?
¿Cuántos hay ?

Are there hamburgers?
Is there coffee?
Is there a hotel there?
Are there a lot?
How many are there?

Sí, hay hamburguesas
No, no hay café
Sí, hay un hotel
No, no hay muchos
Hay cuarenta

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practice your Spanish! Try practicing by using the word "hay" next time you're at a Mexican restaurant!

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