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Spanish for Homeschool Kids & Families

Here at Spanish Online we know that homeschooling moms and dads need specialized products - and offer programs that even a non Spanish speaker can use to teach their kids the language.

For those looking for an easy tool for teaching Spanish, we recommend the Musical Spanish products (endorsed by Home Education Magazine, Education Update, the Old SchoolHouse, & read more about why music is such an effective teaching tool, click here. We also offer a verb mastering audio program called The Real Spanish Path, and another fun musical teaching album with a lyrics booklet called Viva La Musica. We believe these products to be the best in the market and the most likely to help your child achieve success with Spanish! With any questions please feel free to email us at click to email us, or call toll free 1 866 297 2128.

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Homeschool Spanish Materials

The Complete Musical Spanish: 2 Audio CD's + Book & 2 CD-roms

$49.99 (on sale, $39.99)

All of the free lessons found on this website come from "The Complete Musical Spanish." These excerpts are only the beginning! view animation intro ONLINE here. The program includes the Musical Spanish book, music CD, and CD-rom plus 2 Audio CD's of audio instruction - teaching the basics of Spanish through 10 songs like La Bamba & Guantanamera. Includes complete grammar chapter for each song, as well as animations, puzzles and quizzes, pronunciation tools & more! To see a slideshow about Musical Spanish, click here. Includes bonus CD-rom with the Spanish Tutorial CD and the Learn Spanish Verbs Fast! Intractive PDF.

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Software Kids Love!

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Musical Spanish CD-rom/Music CD
Learn the basics with our grammar teaching CD-rom & 10 song music CD

The Spanish Online weekly lessons are all excerpts from Musical Spanish, an exciting interactive program teaching Spanish through pop music. One of the best selling Spanish programs at! Interactive software and audio CD of 10 traditional Spanish songs presented in a contemporary dance-pop style (book not included).

  • 10 animations (see La Cucaracha demo)
  • Over 50 grammar lessons
  • Interactive puzzles & quizzes
  • Basics of Spanish in easy terms
  • Great pronunciation tools
  • Students love it!
  • Mac or Windows

Retail price is $20, here just $10.00 plus shipping - for reviews and list of features, click here



Great Homeshooling Learning Supplements

read more about Viva la Musica! Great supplement for homeschooling teachers
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Viva La Musica!
The Real Spanish Path: Learn 70% of all Spanish verb patterns!

Viva la Música...another great Spanish musical teaching album! Learn Spanish through 28 melodic songs designed to help you remember and learn the Spanish words. Comes with a booklet containing all song lyrics in Spanish & English. Mucho fun! To read more, click here ORDER

hear the sample song "Vaya Vaya - Voy a la Playa"

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The Real Spanish Path™ is a highly innovative structural training process that will allow you to master approximately 70% of verb structure in -the Spanish language by leveraging the Power of Patterns. Includes: ORDER

  • The Real Spanish Path Language Map
  • 60 minute Audio Instruction on CD or audio tape (for audio tape write "tape" under "special requests" during checkout
  • Verb Pattern Retention Cards
hear about the musical teaching method!

listen to intro to the Path