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Learn Spanish in your Car Wallet Set from Penton

3 Level Set includes 9 CDs & Zippered CD Wallet Case
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The individual levels of Penton's Best-selling Foreign Language Series are now available in new compact albums. The entire 3-level set fits conveniently into the zippered, leather CD wallet included in the new boxed set.
Learn in Your Car series is...
Not an 'intro' but a real learning experience

A powerful yet easy way to learn a foreign language--anywhere! No textbooks or cumbersome manuals, just load, play and learn.

A Proven Way to Learn
  • Self-paced and interactive
  • Learn words and phrases first, then build these into sentences and clear conversation
Simple, Yet Effective!

Millions have used Learn in Your Car for their basic travel needs of arranging hotels, ordering meals, changing money, as well as having the confidence to communicate with foreign language speakers at home and abroad.

Compare with the rest (Based on beginning levels)
Content: Material: Learning Plan:
Learn in Your Car® 3 CDs/book* 600+ words self-paced, interactive
Pimsleur Spanish 4 CDs 75 words real-time learning
Michel Thomal 2 CDs 80 words real-time learning
*The book includes the entire recorded text for reading as well as speaking the language.
There's just no match for the Learn Spanish in Your Car series!

Learn In Your Car® CD Individual Levels

3 CDs & booklet

Level 1 . Level 2 . Level 3

$29.95 Each
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3