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Identifying People & Things: Object Pronouns

Learn Spanish Object Pronouns

In order to distinguish between when you’re supposed to use “LO” and when you’re supposed to use “LE”—a lot of books categorize these words into “direct” (lo, la, los, las) and “indirect” (le, les) object pronouns. One trick is to remember that the LO, LA, LOS, LAS answers the “who” or “what” asked in the sentence, whereas LE, LES answers “to whom.”

Example: I gave my phone number to whom? To Sandra!
¿Le di mi número de télefono a quién? ¡A Sandra!

Don’t worry too much about getting them mixed up, even native
speakers do that from time to time. Do listen carefully for the word “TE.” This means someone is talking to or about you...

additional pronoun "se"



se lo digo
her/him it I say
I say it to him or her
“SE” is used when 2 of these pronouns are used together, like when you find “LO”(the word for “IT”) before the object pronoun, since “LAS LO or LE LO” would sound pretty weird...

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