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Spanish Travel Phrases on Tape

$22.99 ORDER

Penton Overseas, Inc. teams up with the well-known Australian publisher Lonely Planet to produce a unique, travel program - TravelTalk. Since 1973 Lonely Planet has brought the world to independent travelers with reliable, down-to-earth, and up-to-date travel books for destinations all over the globe. Now, Penton Overseas combines their expertise in audio language instruction with Lonely Planet's newly published combination phrase books and 2-way dictionaries.
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TravelTalk presents a simplified language survival system for travelers. Begin with an audio cassette and transcript of the 300 essential words and phrases most frequently needed while traveling, developed by Penton's foreign language specialists. Add on Lonely Planet's comprehensive phrasebook, with thousands of additional words and phrases, and this combination will ensure that traveler's will arrive and survive - and enjoy communicating with native speakers!
Contained in each compact TravelTalk kit:
  • 60-minute audio cassette in both English and the target language
  • Handy fold-out audio guide
  • Lonely Planet Phrase book/Dictionary
    1. Audio cassette provides key words and phrases with accurate native pronunciation
    2. Audio transcript for quick on-the-spot reference and reinforcement
    3. Phrasebook features clear and comprehensive grammar chapters, an extensive dictionary, information on local culture plus travel tips
  • $22.99 ORDER

    Reviews from Newsweek:

    "Fits conveniently into pocket or purse - consider it carry-on luggage for the mind"

    "Don't pack your bags without TravelTalk!"

    "Lonely Planet's witty, personable guide books have no rivals..."