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Spanish Plural Words

In Spanish the word for “the” changes with the noun. Plural is formed by adding “s ” to the end of words ending in a vowel.

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plural chart from Musical Spanish book

la tienda the store el carro the car
las tiendas the stores los carros the cars
una tienda a store un carro a car
unas tiendas some stores unos carros some cars

But what about words that end in a consonant? That is easy. You add “ES ”to the end. Look at the examples below:

el capitán los capitanes (los kah-pee-TAH-nays) the captains
el país los países (los pye-EE-says) the countries
la ciudad las ciudades (lahs see-oo-DAH-days) the cities
la nación las naciones (lahs nah-SYO-nays) the nations

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