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Musical Spanish CD-rom/Music CD
Learn the basics with our grammar teaching CD-rom & 10 song music CD

The Spanish Online weekly lessons are all excerpts from Musical Spanish, an exciting interactive program teaching Spanish through pop music. One of the best selling Spanish programs at! Interactive software and audio CD of 10 traditional Spanish songs presented in a contemporary dance-pop style (book not included).

  • 10 animations (see La Cucaracha demo)
  • Over 50 grammar lessons
  • Interactive puzzles & quizzes
  • Basics of Spanish in easy terms
  • Great pronunciation tools
  • Students love it!
  • Mac or Windows

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learn the fun way
CD-rom is easy to navigate - access sound files, animated movies, interactive quizzes, and grammar from a dynamic Adobe PDF
fun Spanish games and quizzes
Colorful puzzles, quizzes, and activities that reinforce learning concepts
grammar explained in easy terms
Easy grammar explanations with sound and music to reinforce pronunciation and learning
animations to help you remember things
Fun animated presentations of each song - helps your memory and makes learning effortless
grammar word lists with translations
Concise grammar summaries of each song help give you structure and an understanding of how the lyrics you listen to in the songs contribute to your knowledge of the Spanish language