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Spanish Weather

You may be thinking "wait a minute, I thought tiempo means time..." - well that's true - but tiempo is also used to indicate the weather. The word clima is also used frequently. There are 3 words commonly used to make expressions relating to the weather in Spanish: HACE, ESTÁ, & HAY. Some words like sol and viento can be used with more than one: hace sol, hay sol; hace viento, hay viento.


está nevando it's snowing hace calor it's warm
está lloviendo it's raining hace sol it's sunny
está nublado it's cloudy hace fresco it's cool
esta despejado it's clear hace frío it's cold


spanish weather words
hay lluvia there's rain
hay nieve there's snow
hay viento there's wind
hay neblina there's fog
hay nubes there's clouds
hay relampago there's lightening
hay truenos there's thunder
hay humedad there's humidity

Practice saying the following sentences OUT LOUD!

Hay un montón de neblina - es peligroso manejar
There's a ton of fog - it's dangerous to drive
Humedad relativa es muy alta, un ochenta %.
The relative humidity is very high, about 80%.
Ayer era parcialmente nublado
Yesterday was partially cloudy
La temperatura es menos ocho grados - ¡qué frío!
The temperature is minus 8 degrees - it's cold!!
Es lindo hoy - el cielo está despejado y no hay nubes
It's beautiful today, the sky is clear and there are no clouds
Hoy el día está mayormente nublado
Today it's mostly cloudy
Cancelamos el partido porque hay tormentas aisladas
We are cancelling the game because there are scattered thunderstorms

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