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The Spanish Verb Oír

This week I've taken a PDF (305 KB) lesson from the Musical Spanish CD-rom because I think it's a nice description of this Spanish verb w/ a sound bite. The verb oír is one of the first you may listen to when traveling around Mexico or other parts of Latin America. In fact, someone will probably SHOUT it at you!

¡Oye, ven acá! Hey you (informal), come over here!

¡Oiga, venga aquí! Hey you (formal), come here!

They also use it quite a bit in restaurants to get the attention of the waiter. Using the formal or Ud. version "oiga" makes it a lot more polite.

Oye joven - queremos una carta por favor Hey young man/woman - we would like a menu please

Oiga señor - ¿nos puede traer el menú? Hey Sir (more polite) - can you bring us a menu?

PDF: Spanish Verb Oír

Worksheet: The Verb Oír

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