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Intro to Spanish Verbs

In Spanish, there are 3 types of verbs—the root,+ AR, ER, or IR (for “hablar” the root is HABL +AR). This makes up the infinitive or base verb, which you later change to indicate who is doing the action and when.

In English infinitives have the word “to” in front of them. These infinitives don’t specify who is doing the action—that’s what conjugation is for. Look at the following infinitives:

hablar to speak ver to see vivir to live
bailar to dance correr to run asistir to attend
formar to form leer to read insistir to insist
cantar to sing beber to drink escribir to write

hear audio mp3 Listen to an mp3 of the AR present tense verb pattern

verb chart courtesy of Musical Spanish book

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