Our Spanish network represents one of the largest and most varied available on the world wide web. We've made our living selling products on these sites for over 6 years now, and can offer you a chance to spread the word about your Spanish product or service to the people you most need to reach: people studying, teaching, and traveling, as well as professionals searching for Spanish solutions.

Quick Stats:

Over 150,000 unique visitors per month (5000 per day)
Over 7,200 subscribers to our weekly newsletter (1000 new sign ups each month)
Over 2500 average weekly audio podcast downloads
Top 10 rankings in Google for hundreds of Spanish related keywords

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visit Musical Spanish

Our flagship site, online since 1999, MusicalSpanish.com receives between 2000 and 3000 unique visitors a day, and is one of the best known Spanish sites on the internet. We've been at the top of Google for hundreds of keywords for over 6 years.

visit Spanish.bz

The home of the Spanish.bz online tutorial and free newsletter, the site receives between 1500 and 2000 highly targeted visitors each day. Our Spanish Learning Blog is one of the most popular blogs and ranks #1 on Google for the term "spanish blog".

visit Insta Spanish

InstaSpanish.com is our most interactive site, offering a forum, recipes, private messaging, a penpal finder, and more. It's the home of our audio podcast, and used extensively by many of our 6500 newsletter members. Our fastest growing website, and home of our new Insta Spanish eShop.

visit Spanish Software.net

SpanishSoftware.net is a small site but highly targeted to software buyers, and receives approximately 100 unique visitors a day looking for software products. While the site is very small, the domain name is one of the best available for it's niche.

visit Spanish Blogger

Spanishblogger.com ranks #1 on Google for the term "spanish blogs" - and while a very small site with under 100 unique visitors a day, we plan to develop the site into a highly targeted resource with reviews and advertising related to the blogging, one of the hottest trends on the internet.

visit Spanish Faster

SpanishFaster.com is the home of our verbs learning audio set, "Learn Spanish Verbs Fast." The small niche website receives traffic looking specifically for rapid methods of learning Spanish, as well as verb learning programs.

visit The Spanish Spot

TheSpanishSpot.com is an online store, receiving over between 100-200 unique visitors a day looking to purchase Spanish products. Our store has been online for over 3 years, and receives primarily e-commerce related traffic.

Visit Spanish.ms, the digital download store

Spanish.ms is a download only store, and represents one of the fastest growing segments of our business: digital downloads. Unique visitors are under 100 in this new store, but they are highly targeted people seeking to buy downloads and ipod related audio programs.

visit eLanguages

eLanguages.info is a new multilingual portal we started last year, and while we've devoted little time to developing it, we still receive nearly 100 unique visitors a day. More development is planned, as well as a multilingual downloads store.