Why advertise with us?

That's a good question. With the overdose of advertising everywhere you look online, you may be wondering how spending your money with us could possibly bring you any traffic.

There is nothing more annoying than visiting a website so chalked full of ads, adwords, blinking images, and pop ups - that you can hardly navigate around without clicking one. Our sites will never be like that. Our ads are designed to give 1 message out at a time, not confuse the visitor with a variety of messages. Rest assured that your banner, image, text box, or whatever kind of ad you choose - will be the only one shown at any given moment. Let's go over the other key reasons to advertise with us:

1 Customers are highly qualified read more

2 Get traffic FAST read more

3 Search Engine Optimization - long term growth read more

4 The web is increasingly competitive read more

5 You can't afford NOT to advertise read more

1 Customers are highly qualified. They didn't just type in a search term and find your website. They typed in a search term or logged onto one of our Spanish sites, browsed our Spanish intensive website, THEN saw your ad. This filtering process weeds out people reaching your site by accident and helps increase the chance that each visitor you receive through your ad will turn into a customer.

2 Get traffic FAST. Web advertising can be one of the most effective ways to increase sales immediately, because people can click and buy. Whatever your product or service, once your ad goes live - your traffic boost will start that moment.

3 Search Engine Optimization - long term growth. Optimizing our websites for Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, and others has long been one of our top priorities. We've stayed on top of trends, and you can benefit from the work we've done. Having a link from our network to our site will help boost your PR or pagerank value in Google, and help other search engines view your site as more relevant for search terms. Having links from highly trafficked sites like ours is one of the most important strategies for long term traffic growth.

4 The web is increasingly competitive. Painfully so, and we should know. We've seen sales go up, go down, go flat, and go up again - all while our traffic kept rising. In the 6 years since we opened up shop online, there's been an explosion of online stores, as well as bargain etailers like eBay, Amazon Marketplace, and others. Consumers have gotten savvier as well. Rather than buy at the first location they find, or direct from publishers (like myself and perhaps you...) - many now prefer to find the cheapest source. This can mean finding your product at $1.00 above wholesale price, as we've seen many times.

That doesn't mean you have to throw in the towel! It does mean, however, that you have to be more aggressive with your marketing tactics, and offer people something more via a better experience with your website, some freebies, an enhanced version of your product, etc. If it's a service you sell, you need to be a cut above, and show the consumer why your website and service is better than the rest.

5 You can't afford NOT to advertise. Advertising is a pain. It's money out of pocket. It's not always effective (we've paid for several "real world" ads that went nowhere.) But if you are serious about attracting customers online, you can't avoid it. Look around, see what your options are before choosing to advertise with us. You'll be hard pressed to find a more extensive Spanish network with such an active community of members and consumers. Ask yourself how many customers you might be able to gain by getting a 30 or 60 second spot on our audio podcast, heard by over 4500 people in the last 2 weeks. Or a large banner ad in our newsletter, going out to over 6500 people each week. We know you work hard for your money, but we also know that it's getting increasingly hard to turn a buck online, and you simply can't afford to assume your traffic will grow without some help.